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Sectorial Intervention

Training And Empowerment Program

Hope Outreach endeavors to unleash the potential of disadvantaged working women and their children to succeed in life through providingvocational education, specialized Skills, health care, livelihood skills and community development services. Child and gender development are fundamental to our work. Agric farming: Greenhouse Technology, Fishery, Poultry, Piggery and Crop farming.

Environment Department

Recently the environment of the world is in danger and there is what called Air-pollution, cutting trees and social erosions.

Health Department

This activity involves in the improvement of sanitation and HIV/AIDS, COVID-19 awareness through resources mobilization, advocacy for positive social change and rural development.

Non-Formal Education

Hope Outreach is mandated to various development interventions and strived to work diligent to meet our organization aims and objectives. The aim of this department is to take part education development in our country and also educate both women and men those did not get a chance for formal education.